Where do you add a new skein

Usually when I’m coming to the end of a skein, I will start the new skein at the begining of the next row. But sometimes I will start the new skein in the middle of the row.

I’m just wondering how other people do it.

I try to do it where it won’t be obvious but no set rule for me.

I mostly knit in rounds so I have no choice and have always to add the new skein somewhere in the middle :wink:

But I try to add the new skein where the side seams would be, not in the middle of the chest or back.

If I knit flat I prefer starting at the beginning of the next row.

I prefer to add them in the middle of a row. It’s so much easier to weave the ends in using the duplicate stitch when it’s in the middle. I really hate weaving in ends into the seams after sewing something together. Too much needlework at the end of the finishing. I weave things in as I go so there’s not so much after sewing it up.

It depends on how I join. If it’s a Russian join or felted or in the round I’ll do it wherever. If it will require weaving in ends, I usually save it for an and of row.