Where do I post a question or problem?

I wrote yesterday about a problem I have with getting my stitches back on the needles (I’m sorta a newbie") after I RIP-IT! and is it better to rip it on the purl side or the knit side. Is one side better than or easier than the other as far as getting a needle to go back into the stitches. The purl stitches were so tight that I couldn’t “unknit” them from the needle with the other needle. Thanks for any help! island girl:knitting:

Your post was in the introduction thread. Never post a new question in an established thread. Always start your own so everyone can see it. Generally with a question about how to do something with a pattern you post in the How-to Forum. You can post here, but this forum moves fast so sometimes posts get missed.

To answer your question - You can’t really rip out from one side or the other since it’s one flat piece of fabric. Just rip it and pick up the stitches. If your stitches were really tight they are probably twisted somehow. Picking up from the back of the stitch keeps them on the needle properly, but it’s sometimes hard to do so I usually just pick them up however I can. You can straighten each one as you come to it or knit into the back of it and it will be aligned properly again.

If you use a smaller needle to pick up it makes it easier, but remember to switch back to the normal size to start knitting.

Thanks so much for letting me know. seems like everywhere I click to do something, I a. never see it again or b. it is in the wrong place. There must be somewhere that has instructions for newbies to blogging. I really don’t mean to screw up the thread, but uhm…where do I start a new thread? Jan, I wrote to you yesterday to tell you how lovely a few of your pieces were that I saw on line, but then got the message that I can’t write to you yet. But I forget what I have to do to be abel to do that. Anyway, from what I have seen and read on this blog YOU ARE TERRIFIC AND TALENTED!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! tothaisland

Yep, easier for me using a smaller needle. If you tear out a whole row, put the straight needle on with the tip pointing toward the working yarn end.

To post-Go Knitting forum-> Heading-ie general knitting-> Start new thread (orange box.)

At the top of each forum there’s an Orange box that says ‘Start New Thread’. To be able to post in a blog thread (like Jan’s), you have to be signed in and have made a couple posts. To find your own posts, look for a thread you posted in, click on your name and there’s a pop down menu. One of the choices is ‘Find all posts by tothaisland’ and you can click that. Or just click on your name, it goes to your profile and you can see the ‘find all posts’ link.