Where do I measure the “front” from?


Working on this sweater: https://motherknitter.com/shop/mia-sweater/

And have gotten to this point in the pattern:


But not clear on where I’m taking that “until front measures15 cm” measurement from. Is it from the center of the neck? In which case I still have to knit a bunch to hit the 15cm? Or is it taken from those shoulder seams?

Thank you!

Hmm, is there a schematic or finished dimensions in the pattern? That might provide a clue, but otherwise I’m as stumped as you are!

Uploading: 66A11D73-A9C5-4739-A9D2-68834E8349F0.png…

Measurements, and then also the next steps after the 15cm if that helps. I’m making the large!

Deleted photos

The measurements are approximately from the shoulder. On your first post, the pattern gives you the place to measure from.

You can remove the pattern pages in the following post. We can’t post large portions of a pattern here due to designer copyright. Use the pencil icon in the lower right of the post to edit please.

Ahhhh got it. Thank you!!

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