Where do I go from here?

Hello fellow knitters,

I’ve recently bought a pattern for an afghan done using the entrelac method. Very pretty but I’m stuck at the base triangle row where the instruction reads Row1-K2; turn, Row2-Sl 1 purl wise, p1; turn and so on until the last two rows, Row22-Sl 1 purl wise, p11; turn, Row23-Sl 1 purl wise, K13. To continue making the rest of the triangles, the instructions are to repeat Rows 2-22, 10 times and Rows 2-21 once more. My question is regarding whether or not I should be repeating Row 23 (although the printed instruction does not indicate this) or if I’m simply misunderstanding things (which is highly likely).

I would repeat rows 1-22. It doesn’t seem that you can repeat starting and ending with a purl row (2-22).
This is a pretty good series on entrelac from the base row. And of course there’s Eunny Jang who is doing some of the middle rectangles if you need a reference there.

The video link was comprehensive and I could follow very easily what she was demonstrating; however, I’m still not quite sure about the version of entrelac that my pattern uses. If it helps, the pattern is Mary Maxim Limerick Throw No. 99442N

Most entrelac patterns are constructed the same way, differing only with how many sts used and some may start with the WS instead of RS first.

Yes you do repeat row 23 on each triangle; the k13 includes the 2 sts that begin the next triangle. That takes the place of row 1 which is why you should be repeating 2-22. And actually, I think it should say “repeat Rows 2-23, 10 times and Rows 2-22 once more.” that way you end on a purl row and will be ready to go to the next section - a side triangle.

Yes, you’re right. You need the extra knit row, row 23 to take you back to the base and start the next triangle. So the pattern starts again at row2.

The comments regarding my first inquiry have been very helpful. In the same pattern, as I worked through a sample swatch, I encountered a ‘pick up and knit’ question. As part of the final upper triangle row, the first line of instruction reads Pick up and k11 sts along next edge; turn. Row 1: Sl 1 purl wise, p11; turn. My question is about the math, if I pick up and knit 11, how do I get another stitch so that I can Sl 1, p11 (12 sts)? Thanks again. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has actually knitted this pattern and if so, were there any other issues with inaccuracy or puzzlement?

When you start picking up you already have a stitch on the needle - that will be the 12th st.