Where do I find instructions to have two right sides?

I am sure I read it somewhere how to knit and have two right sides, (no purl and knit, but just knit)… I cant remember how it is called or where to find it… anyone? :thinking:

Are you thinking of double knitting??? If so, you will find a video here, about two thirds of the way down the page:

Uhmm… that is one way, but how do you call it when it isnt double thick?

So you’re looking for something that looks like stockinette on both sides? I don’t think that’s possible without it being double thick.

Are you thinking of knitting in the round, where knitting all stitches on all rows gives you stockinette stitch rather than knit one row, purl one row when knitting flat?

I am knitting a Diagonal Ribbed pair of Fingerless gloves
this technically DOES have a right side and a wrong side, but only becasue I call it that, the pattern is identical on Both sides
I took a piece of waste yarn and marked one side, not a row, but a single side as the Wrong side

Does this help??