Where do I find discontinued yarn?

I am in need of more yarn to finish a project but the color I need has been discontinued. It is Louisa Harding ribbon yarn “Fauve” in a silver grey #05. Any ideas where to find any? None advertised on ebay so far.
Of course I love the skirt I have made so far and adding a new yarn color in the middle has not produced attractive results.


I don’t think there is one comprehensive source. You’ll need to do some research to see if you can find it. It’s not always possible.

I found this site -
And if you type in “louisa harding fauve”+05 in Google you’ll get a lot of hits. You just have to go through them to see if any is left.

OH! I found some eBay, but you better hurry.

This is where joining Ravelry is a good idea. You can do a search for the yarn, then look under stashes and see if anyone has the same color. Even if they don’t mention any for sale or trade, sometimes they may be willing to do so.

Thanks a bunch to all–I found it!:muah:

Hello! Did you try these resources:


I hope you will some luck! Happy knittiing, Wies