Where did this extra stitch come from?

So, I merrily knitting along (after having learned successfully how to do the long tail cast on via the thumbs up method) and I stop to count the stitches and somehow, I’ve picked up a stitch. I went from 30 to 31 in the first row.

Now, I am really bad at picking up stitches, something I’ve not figured out how I’ve been doing. Somehow, I feel like my scarf will end up with 50 stitches when I’m on the last row.

How do I pick these mysterious extra stitches? :shrug:

Are you knitting and purling or just all knitting? Make sure if purling you move the yarn back between stitches to knit or you’ll do an accidental YO. Another thing that happens is accidentally picking up the thread in between stitches.

I am doing a garter stitch, just to practice not picking up stitches and to get the hang of things. I think I am moving the yarn over when it should be under as I move the work around to start on another row, or something like that. I’ll knit another row and see.

EDIT: I was right. I played with the yarn a little bit and saw how the loose stitch at the end, when the yarn is pulled over, looks like two stitches. I must have been pulling the yarn over to tighten it, instead of under and gained a stitch that way. Glad I caught this very early on instead of knitting my scarf into a semi circular shape. :teehee:

Yep, that was another idea I thought of after I posted. Glad you figured it out! Those loose first stitches usually work into the knitting after a few rows so don’t worry about them. Other than turning them into two that is. :teehee:

Make sure the first stitch is pulled down, or it can look like two stitches. Also, did you double-check the # of stitches you cast on?