Where did I Do Wrong?

This is my first attempt at knitting. I wanted this to be a small blanket but somewhere along the line I started knitting wider and wider but I don’t know how I did this. Any idea on what I did do, how not to do that again and how my overall knitting looks?

Thank you

Your overall knitting looks fine, especially the early ridges and rows. It may be that as you relax, you’re paying less attention to each stitch and making some mistakes. For a beginning knitters, it’s very good and with even tension, especially early on.

There are a number of ways of adding extra sts but those at the ends are usually caused by taking the yarn strand up and over the left needle so that the first stitch looks like 2 sts. Be sure to let the yanr hang down from the left needle before you start the row, then take the yarn under the needle and to the back for the first knit stitch.

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Thank you so much, This video was so helpful, after watching this I see that I have made all 3 of these mistakes. I’m excited to start on my 2nd!

Alright! Enjoy knitting this one and if you have questions again or comments, come on back. We’d love to see the finished blanket.

This looks really good for a first project!

I’m quite new to knitting too, and I find I often (especially when I first started!) either add stitches or lose stitches. I found a good way to learn where I was going wrong was to know exactly how many stitches I had on my needles at all times. So, say you had 20, you could count as you went, which would take a while, but then you know if you had 21/19, that you’ve done something wrong with that last stitch you made, and then you can learn how to reverse your mistakes.

It’s all a learning process, but the main thing is you’re enjoying it! :slight_smile: