WHERE can we find yarn made of *THIS*?

The vicuña…it’s a relative of the llama and alpaca, and it’s wool is superfine and can only be shorn every three years :thud:

[I][SIZE=1](i was reading an intersting article on the political and economic state in south america, and I came across biodiversity and yadda yadda yadda I found something about yarn! It’s like we’re taking over the world :twisted: … er, kinda :shifty:)[/SIZE][/I]

Here’s one place I found. I don’t think I’ll be buying any in this lifetime.

:noway: Holy Cow!!! Dang !!! Ummm I’ll never gripe about the price of malabrigo again, dang dang n double dang!!!

That’s two quarters worth of books in one once…


yikes. guess i’ll have to go sell some plasma. and cash in my 403b haha.

Wow! It’s hard to believe there actually could BE fiber so expensive! I think I’ll stick to the old cheap-o, cashmere, for my luxury fiber needs!!

Wow, even if I could afford to spend that much on yarn I’d never be able to decide what to use it in and then be absolutely terrified I’d lose whatever it is I’d made. Rare llama hair is stressful. nods


I can’t begin to imagine how it could possibly be a justified expense! That is amazing!

Wow that is insane! What would you you make with that and how could you ever afford to make a whole garment out of it! Wow!!

Could you imagine paying for the amount of material to make a sweater and then finding that you accidentally threw it in the wash? oh my goodness. Just the thought of it makes me anxious haha

Holy Crapatoly!! :noway:

This makes my dream of an urban alpaca farm so much less insane… ^_~


:passedout: Do you realize that wool is nearly 20 times the price of silver per ounce!! It would be cheaper to knit sterling than this animal’s wool!

Don’t put ideas in our heads!

This must be one of those, look but don’t touch things. Or something you just dream about having. (but even on my just dreaming list, nothing comes close to that dream item.)

Oh c’mon. Where’s the no guts, no glory attitude? I’m getting some to make a cell phone holder.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… :zombie: (I’d be so paranoid just to have it in the house…)

Good grief! That’s not even yarn! It’s just fiber! You’d have to spin it first before you could even knit it! :thud:

and people thought drug addictions were expensive!!

and i bet its soooo soft!! i wouldn’t have any clue on how to turn fiber into yarn. how much yarn would that fiber get me? could one $250 ounce get me a sizeable lace amount? and then i would still have to dye it. unless i go organic. hmm. am i that addicted to yarn?