Where can I find this yarn?

There’s a pattern for a very striking baby/toddler dress in the winter issue of knit.1. They use “Sport By Claudia Hand Painted Yarns.” Okay, bear with me - I’m looking all over the internet and even found their website, but I can’t find the thing they apparently used in the pattern. This is almost like a solid color yarn - they used these colors :Black, Lime, Citrus, Turquoise, and Cherries.

I don’t have access to much in the way of "L"YS, and I really would like to make the dress as shown in the pattern. Any ideas on where to find this specific yarn, or a good yarn substitution? Thanks!

I couldn’t find Claudia’s in yarndex.com. I was hoping to compare Sport to other yarns.

idk… maybe you can contact an online retailer who sells Claudia’s to ask if they can get Sport in those colors from their distributor (or directly from Claudia’s)?

Or look at the gauge and needles in the pattern; that may give you a clue as to what yarn weight to use. If the yarn is called `sport’ it’s probably heavier than fingering and lighter than DK.

When you go to claudiaco.com, there is a button to contact them - I’d go straight to the source and ask them if those colors are still available. I did see the “Citrus” still listed, but maybe they’ve replaced the others with different colors…who knows. Anyway, if it was me, I’d zap an email to claudiaco.com and ask them.:thumbsup:

Here’s a source

Google “claudia hand painted sport”

I went ahead and sent an email to them… hopefully they can help me out! I have this “thing” about using the exact yarn in the pattern. :eyes: