Where can I find knitting kits?

I recently received a little windfall :cheering: and I’d like to buy a knitting kit. I’m looking for plus size sweaters or something “special”. Any one know of any sites with kits? So far this is what I’m thinking of ordering.:inlove:


Also is there a interchangeable set that has needles smaller than size 5 ??? I have the Denise set and I love them but I want even smaller needles. Do they make such a thing?:shrug:

:passedout: I have no idea where to find good patterns - I think teh one you’ve found is GORGEOUS !!!

As for interchangeables, I have the dreaded Boye set and that starts with size 1 needles. Not many people on this board like them, but I find for the projects I do (I would not even attempt your sweater) they work wonderfully.

Best of Luck and Happy Knitting

I too have the Boye set… AND I LOVE THEM!!! :heart: I haven’t had any problems with them. (A few times the needles have started to come unscrewed but that was my fault cuz I didn’t tighten them like I should… :rollseyes::oops:) And like vaknitter said they go down to size one…:thumbsup:

I "googled’ knitting pattern kits and got what look like some good sites, esp the first one: handknitting.com. good luck!


They have kits.

Ingrid, the link has two sets of http, so it will not work, you might want to fix it.


www.kyarns.com has kits. Better?