Where can I find knitting afghan square patterns online

I am going to pick up knitting (I’d like to teach my 10 yr. old daughter as well), and I’d like to find patterns like the squares found in “the amy project” afghan.

I thought sampler-type squares would be a good way to learn knitting. Can anyone tell me where to find them online?


Beth J.

P.S. – AMY – this site is WONDERFUL!! The video helps that I’ve gone through so far is VERY helpful! And being a crocheter, the Continental method is a wonderful find! Thankyou! :thumbsup:

Several of us used patterns that can be found for wash/dish cloths. You can find alot @ www.knittingpatterncentral.com and here and here and here and here is a stitch library. That should get u started :smiley:

oops, almost forgot…here’s another :smiley:

Ooo – thank you! I can’t wait to go exploring! I’m a newbie to knitting and knittingHelp, so I’ll lurk for a little bit, but I’ll let you know how I’m progressing!

Thank you again!

Beth :XX: