Where can I find a tote bag for all the needles, etc?

I bought 2 zip folders for needles and hooks. With the stock I just accumulated recently, I need to get 10 more of those. I want to know if any company makes a tote bag with all the slots and straps for needles and hooks so I can stash like 30 pairs of spn and dpn’s, 20 circulars, 20 hooks… :thinking:

http://www.joann.com/catalog.jhtml?CATID=82324&PRODID=130622&source=search Don’t know if that would help. :thinking:
Go to Joann.com, and make a search for “totes”. They have a looot of stuff.

I’ve found tackleboxes and artbins very useful. They’re not made for knit/crochet, but they can be adapted to it.

I’ve been looking for something like that too. Right now I have a felted bag inside my knitting bag and I was rooting through it last night, looking for a size 6 circular and my dh looked over and said it looked like a tangled mess. Something with several (see through) pockets on the inside would be really good. I’ve been looking on-line but it’s so hard to tell what those totes really look like and how big they are.

Yes, those bags look nice but I really want to see them in person to see if I can get use of them. But thanks for the link.

:thinking: If you are (or someone you know) crafty at sewing, you can actually make your own w/o much effort. This lady at an Multiple Sclerosis center I did part of my practice at had a very simple looking, but very functional one she’d made herself.

Get small zippered bags (about your average school pencil bag, or create a pattern that’s similar), and sew velcro on the back of them. For larger needles, you can take a pattern out of a school flute bag and do the same as with the smaller bags.

Then get a large tote, or bag of your choice, that has not too many dividers inside and sew the other bits of the velcro to the bag’s walls. Your smaller pouches will be able to stay in one place w/o creating a mess.

Just an idea… :thinking:

I have been thinking about making one myself too. Before doing that, I would like to see if anybody already had the idea and made them for sale. Thanks for the idea though.

I know what you mean about needing a case. I “outgrew” the zip case I got at Joanns but then I was there the other day and they had them on clearance for $7.00 so I bought another zipped one. In the first one now I keep my alluminum needles and the new one I keep my bamboo needles and my double pointed also. But now that I have my Denise set I’m not even using any of those needles in the two zipped cases. But I’m glad to know they are safely tucked away for when I need them again. :XX: :XX:

SK–I liked the looks of the JoAnn one at first, but I always read the reviews (Thank goodness for reviews!!) and there were several people that had thoughtful criticisms about these bags!!

I think you can make your own–knowing exactly what you need and want–just by buying more of the small zippered packets and a larger tote–like HanAku was saying–you’d probably like it more since you created it your self. Thank heavens for VELCRO!!

( I KNOW you want to put that supply of addis from Jeff in there!! lol) :thumbsup:

Found this link while prowling for random patterns http://www.organizedknitter.com/

Their stuff is quite pricey, but browsing through will get you a good idea of what to look for in a tote. Or you might try contacting them about making you a custom one.

I had an idea that wouldn’t require any craftiness. How about a three-ring binder and a bunch of those pencil cases that kids use for school? I think I’ll wait for school supplies to go on sale and make myself a holder for all of my circs (that I bought before my interchangeables). You can label each pouch with the appropriate size.

Well, I guess I’m a rebel (as usual).

I don’t use a bag. Here’s my set of needles:

Wow, you guys all got great ideas! You have given me a better idea of what I will do about this organizing thing.
Carolina red: if I stole a pair/set of needles from your bucket/basket, would you notice the missing? :lol:

When I took knitting back up - I had a lack of needles in various sizes. I knew buying a full set would be costly, but I was browsing ebay when I came across an auction for an Artbin Folder FULL of needles. It has every needle size that I’d need and extra pockets and places for DPN’s / Row Counters / Bobbins etc etc. I love it - its very useful and keeps everything in the same place.

I’m trying to load the picture of it but there seems to be some network problem here at work - I’ll load a pic later :slight_smile:

I considered making a roll for myself too - I’ll likely do that for the DPN’s as I grow my collection of those!

Hmmm…I wonder. But I would eventually find out, because I have each and every one of them listed on a spreadsheet in my computer. (Yeah I know…I’m a teeny bit compulsive.)

There are a few in there that I would definitely notice if they were missing. Like the vintage “luxite” double points, or the bamboo circulars, or some of my other favorites.

Mulene, I started my needle collection on eBay too! That’s where most of my vintage needles came from.

Here is the pic of my artbin folio :

Cool set, Mulene!

I found these. I’m thinking that you could attach velco onto the back of them and into a backpack or tote or something.

Thanks! Was one of my super bargains on ebay! =D

I’d look for a needle case that you could put into a tote, not a tote with all the storage built in. It just seems like there are lots more needle cases with places for notions and such than there are totes.

I was just thinking about this the other day when I was at Hancock Fabrics and looking for something to hold my first few sets of needles. Wouldn’t it be so cool if a company would make something like one of those totes with handles with needle holders on the inside. That way you could have some yarn down in the bottom, your needles in the side pockets and you could throw your wallet, keys and sunglasses in it and be off! Well, provided you weren’t knitting something as large as a house… :lol: