Where can I find a pattern for a zipper child sweater?

I’ve looked all over the net but I can’t find anything close to that.

What about this one?

:smiley: Oh, I love that one, KQ!

I actually had pullover in mind with the zipper at the neck. Do you think I can convert these jackets into pullovers?

I don’t see why not. You’d just knit the front right and left pieces as one piece until you get to where you’d place your zipper, then divide the two sides.

You could prolly browse through my patterns… :wink: You are welcome to! samm

samm: Thanks for the offer. where is your pattern link?

you could also look at the pure and simple knitting website–they had a baby’s cardigan w/ a zipper that I LOVED but I didn’t get it b/c I was afraid of the zipper!