Where can I find a pattern for a self fringing scarf?

I know its rather easy…but I need to work with a pattern. I’ve seen it done a few times at our local knit store, but I can’t get there this week. Anyone know if its a freebie anywhere???

I would type it into Google. Probably with quotes. Good Luck. ~Brooke

I’ve never heard of a “self fringing scarf”. Do describe … :thinking:

I know that its basically knitted with increasing stitches (but I think the last stitch might be different) – then when you get 1/2 way done then you decrease one stitch each row…makes a big triangle…then you take a stitch on the end and when you pull it it makes the fringe (most people knot it I think).

Ever heard of it??

I did see someone with a blog have a picture of it…I’ll have to look thru my favorites.

I tried a yahoo search but didn’t find it…I’ll try google later. Thanks.

I found a few, but they are all pay per patterns :thinking: I’ll keep googling. I am intrigued now.

I think this is the self fringing scarf pattern:


I made this Berroco Scarf that you knit length-wise – and change yarns each row – so you get a lovely fringe going.

I didn’t use the yarns suggested in the pattern – but basicaly grabbed about 6 different black/white/gray yarns at my LYS – it looked awesome, and was very funy to combine all those different yarns.