Where Can I Buy Interweave Knits?

I’m thinking I wanna buy the Spring issue, where can I buy it (not interested in a subscription)? I tried to do a search of B&N.com and Borders.com but I’m having trouble since they don’t have a “magazine” category to search through.

I’ll probably end up calling my local bookstores, but out of curiosity…where else do you buy them?

you can but just that one from them online
http://www.interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/Default.asp … I did that for the holiday one… wally world sometimes has it here… and my LYS is suppose to start carrying it so you might be able to check there… I’m hoping they will get the spring one in :happydance:

I thought about that, but I’m having a serious case of “want it now NOW NOW-itis” :rofl:

What’s Wally World?

I thought it wasn’t available until next week?

One of my grocery stores had the Fall issue, checked and the new one isn’t there yet. The LYS carries it I think.


I thought about that, but I’m having a serious case of “want it now NOW NOW-itis” :rofl:

What’s Wally World?[/quote]

:rofl: it’s what we call Wal-mart… yeah and I think if I remeber right I had to pay s/h on the holiday issue…

B&N and Borders as chains carry the magazines, but you should call your local stores to verify that your store carries them.

Woo, thanks. I just saw on the website that newstand copies won’t be available til the 20th, so I’ll deal.

I got my copy of IK Spring 07 at my LYS on February 3rd…were they not supposed to sell it to me?

I bought the holiday issue at Walmart, and I saw another issue recently at Hastings. You can probably get it anywhere that has a large selection of magazines.

In the short year or so I’ve been knitting, seems like the mags (well, I only pay attention to IK and VK) always come out earlier than they say on the web. I guess it’s better for them to plan a later date and have it come out early than the other way around and have people be angry for them being late.

I think Michael’s carries it and so does my local Books-a-Million. I was actually very naughty and didn’t want to pay for one a couple of months ago, but I saw a hat pattern I loved. So, I copied it onto the back of a receipt right there in the store. I know…it’s scandalous. My addiction fills me with shame. :teehee:

With magazines (and books), there are “on-sale dates.”

Some of them are “strict on-sale” which means that absolutely, under no circumstances, ever, should the book-store sell this book/magazine before the strict on-sale date. Think Harry Potter. This is reserved for big name, big hype authors, and magazines like Newsweek, People, etc. Weeklies that always come out on the same day.

Then there are the other books/magazines that just have regular on-sale dates. Because there’s less hype, the bookstores shelve them within 24 hours of receiving them, instead of waiting for a specific date to do so.

Stuff ships out to the stores before the on-sale dates. The “official dates” are probably to cover the magazine company’s butts. That way if it doesn’t hit newstands at the same time all over, they’re okay–as long as everyone has it by the official date.

I dig it! Somebody’s going Barnes&Noble hopping tomorrow… :teehee: