Where can I buy a yarn winder?

I tried winding my alpaca hanks into a center pull ball… but I don’t have the patience… :wall: :wall: :wall: Plus it seems to keep knotting up??

What do I need to do / buy??? I have tried winding 2x before… I then have to set the other 9 skeins aside out of exasperation~!! :wall: :wall: :pout:

I ordered my ball winder from Joann’s Online; I think I used a 40% off coupon. You could order a swift as well, but I draped my hank over my computer chair and it worked fine for my Malabrigo. It tried to stick to itself a little, but when it did that I just slowed down and separated it.

I 'm sorry but… What is the SWIFT for??? don’t have a clue??? :wall:

see attached photo.
it helps feed the yarn to your winder!

I want a swift, but I can’t afford one right now. I have my friend looking into helping me build one, though! :teehee:

Okaaaaaay. I still have no idea how one would use a swift. I’ve been looking at ball winders and such online myself and looking at the swifts I just have to scratch my head and say “duh. Mongo no understand”.

Here’s a video I found on youtube that show’s a ball winder and a swift.

Ok, how did the yarn get on the swift? How does one wind a swift in order to wind a ball? Mongo’s head hurts now.

gives Mongo Excedrin

I got the yarn ball winder from Joann’s the other day. Don’t have a swift, but haven’t found any problems without it.

Cat is aaaaaawfully interested in the yarn moving from skein to winder.

aaaah… you have to be introduced into the wonderful yarn hanks if you were to untwist this yarnit would be a big circle of yarn that would fit around your swift. :smiley:

Aaaaaaaah yes. I remember I once untwisted a hank of wool yarn when teaching someong to knit. I did notice the big circle before my hands started itching, hehe.

I assume then, that you adjust the circle around the yarn, then increase the diameter of the swift so the yarn doesn’t slip off?


I bought my winder on joann.com and used a 50% off coupon. My dad made me a swift. It looks a lot like this: http://www.craftydiversions.com/yarnswift.pdf

That’s a pretty affordable-looking swift! I’ve already sent it to one of the guys I work with to price it out for me. I’m a total cheapskate and if I can save some money on a swift, that’s more money I can use to buy yarn.

I LOVE that homemade swift! How clever! I want to get a yarn winder myself just because I love the ease of how the yarn is winded up - pull out of the center and the yarn isn’t rolling everywhere. I’ll have to keep my eyes out on Joann for those coupons!

Can you still use a ball winder on skeins of yarn? I like to put my skeins into a ball so that I know what I’m working with has no hiding knots, and also, it’s easier for me to use.

I bought mine online at Kemp’s store and really enjoy it. Now if I just had a swift to go with it. I usually wind my skeins to see if there are any knots in them…(Usually are since I use red heart.)

Just love winding the skeins into balls.

Just my $0.02

Yes, you certainly can. I use mine to split the skein when I’m making a pair of socks as well.

I’m thrilled to find the site on inexpensively making a yarn swift. :cheering: I’m going to e-mail the page to my woodworking son, and remind him I have a birthday quickly approaching. :mrgreen:

i dont have one, but i’ve gathered that using skeins are even easier since you don’t need a swift that way.

[size=2]p.s. there is no “mean twin” its called the “EVIL twin”! :teehee:[/size]