Where are you going on Vacation and are you taking your knitting?

:guyknitting: We are going to TN and I plan on taking lots and lots of yarn. I love to knit on vacation! What about you?

I’ve already been on vacation and yes I took my knitting. We flew to Virginia to visit family. I took a baby blanket I’m working on to knit on the flights. I also took some cotton yarn with me and made a couple of dishcloths I gave away while I was there. My knitting goes with me everywhere!

I am going to take along dishcloth patterns. They will be easy to do in the car. And easy to deal with in the hotel too. We come in from long days out and I look so forward to laying on the bed relaxing and knitting.

I tend to plan my vacation around what yarn stores I want to visit.

I took mine on a short trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago and plan to load up for a road trip to North Carolina in September (I’m in MA).


Already took mine on a road trip to NJ and planning a week-long knitting marathon at the beach on Hatteras Island, NC at the end of August!!! Yay!!!

Uh… why [I]wouldn’t[/I] you take your knitting on vaycay? I take mine almost EVERYWHERE! :smiley:

DH and I are going to Tampa for The Police concert next month. We’re taking the train there n back. I’ll be knitting all the way… (well almost all the way. [I][SIZE=1]We have a private roomette.) :wink:[/SIZE][/I]

Really! I didn’t know they had reunited for a tour. That’s cool. Have a good time for me too.

I’m going to MA to visit in August. It’s looooong flight from Oregon so you know I’m bring something. Maybe even a couple of somethings. And maybe I can get to WEBS and get even more yarn! WE’ll be at the cape though so that’s like 3 hours in the car. Eh, maybe I’ll knit on the beach!

I’ll be going to Maine in August. I always take my knitting with me now and I’m hoping to vist an alpaca farm as well.

Saw THE POLICE last week, lots of fun and Sting must have the tightest buns of any 55 yo man (had seats behind the stage, so I coudn’t help but notice) :whistle:

We are leaving August 29th for Las Vegas for a week and I cannot wait. We have been planning this trip for a year since my dh’s open heart surgery last Sept. We have front row seats to see the Cirque du Soleil show “Love” which is all Beatles music and I am really looking forward to. Any of you other older ladies collect Beatles’ cards when you were kids??? I had a whole stack that my mom gave away to a cousin around the time I was 12 or so!!! I can’t even imagine how much those would be worth now! I am definitely taking knitting as the plane ride from Atlanta is 5 hours! Depending on what is done and what isn’t, I may take another booga bag I am going to start for my dd for Christmas, my oldest grandson’s sweater and matching hat I am making him for Christmas and possibly a sweater I am going to try and get finished for my husband for Christmas.

Hope everyone who is traveling has a great time this summer!:cheering:

Ooooh sitting behind Sting! :inlove::roflhard:

:ick: Police :ick: Sting :ick:

Going: Outerbanks (North Carolina)
When: Tomorrow
Bringing: Central Park Hoodie I’ll probably not be knitting on the actual beach, but there will be plenty of time for that in the evenings, especially as two of my aunts knit and so does my grandmother. :teehee:

We just got back from Gulf Shores, AL after a beautiful week of sun. Worked on my baby bib/burp cloth set.

Hello All, As well as DanceMom, I plan on taking dishcloth projects. My son is getting married in Las Vegas in October … and since I’m not much of a gambler or even the wildest partier … I’m guessing I can get quite a few dishcloths finished. I actually started making [I][B]baby animal patterned[/B][/I] dishcloths … and will be joining them to make one large baby blanket. I hope all of you enjoy any free time that may come your way, whether it be vacation or just a lazy evening or two this coming summer.

Totally off-topic, but I grew up on the Cape :D.

doesn’t everyone :shrug: yeah baby :eyes::woohoo:

rigghhhhhhhhhhhht!! we can look :psst:

I’m going to guess that you’re quite a few years younger than me, but wayyyy back when there was the 70’s and even worse, 70’s music throughout high school, so when bands like The Police came along it was exciting. Much the same reaction that I got when The White Stripes came along a few years ago.

I leave for Indianapolis on Tuesday (God willing NWA doesn’t cancel my flight!) and I am having trouble deciding what project to bring. I am working on a sweater for myself as well as a baby sweater and hat set (it has to be done a week after I return).

The only problem with the baby set? I am going to Indy to meet my new nephew and I am sure my sister will think the set is for the new little guy.:grin: I didn’t knit him one because she did her own and I am doing a cross-stitch birth announcement for him.

The last time I went to visit, I knit all through the airport and the flight. I swear it only took 30 minutes…not 90.

We’re going to a soccer tournament the end of July. I’ll be in-between college terms (I take classes), so it’s going to be my mini-vacation since I’ve only taken one day off since school (my other job) got out.

I’ll probably take sock yarn, if my new dpns come in. I can’t wait! No papers to write…::::::::::::::sigh::::::::::::::::