Where are the knitters?!

So, I signed up to go to an introductory knitting course today since I wasn’t sure what they’d be teaching. (I did learn how to do increases purl and knit wise!)

Out of the nine people who signed up, only two others but myself came. (And sadly, one of them had to leave early as her parents’ car screwed up and they were worried about being able to get home.)

Hopefully, I’ll find some more people when I go to a sit and knit that this company (Cricket Cove) sometimes hosts or once I actually start working Michaels.

That’s dissapointing! Hopefully some of the others show up next time, but at least you’re learning some new skills.

I have had that happen to me also, the only good thing when the others don’t show up, is you get more one on one with the teacher/:yay: