Where am I going wrong

I am working on enterlac pattern… but the question is about basic knitting
the pattern talks about RS and WS… now my understanding about WS was u turn the work… so whatever is in ur rt hand comes in left hand and vice versa
but then… there comes a pt in pattern where it says… dont turn… and u will have 10 sts on rt needle… that is 10 shud b on left… but i get all 20 sts on one needle… is my understanding about RS and WS is incorrect

pattern link:
Left Edge Triangle:
[I]Row 1[/I] [WS]: Using CC1, pfb, p2tog.
[I]Row 2[/I] [RS]: K3.
[I]Row 3[/I] [WS]: Pfb, p1, p2tog.
[I]Row 4[/I] [RS]: K4.
[I]Row 5[/I] [WS]: Pfb, p2, p2tog.
[I]Row 6[/I] [RS]: K5.
[I]Row 7[/I] [WS]: Pfb, p3, p2tog.
[I]Row 8[/I] [RS]: K6.
[I]Row 9[/I] [WS]: Pfb, p4, p2tog.
[I]Row 10[/I] [RS]: K7.
[I]Row 11[/I] [WS]: Pfb, p5, p2tog.
[I]Row 12 [/I][RS]: K8.
[I]Row 13[/I] [WS]: Pfb, p6, p2tog.
[I]Row 14[/I] [RS]: K9.
[I]Row 15 [/I][WS]: Pfb, p7, p2tog. Do not turn work. 10 sts on right needle.

See if this helps any. It gives a more detailed explanation with photos.


The RS or the WS can be in either hand, that doesn’t have anything to do with it. The RS is the side that faces out on your item when worn, the WS faces in. In this pattern the first row is going to be the WS, and it’s a purl row, the RS is the knit row.

On row 15, you’ve done the sts and they’re still on the right needle. Then you’re going to do whatever it says next. Which will probably be to pick up some sts to make the next triangle.

yes suzee, it does say to pick up stitches
but u noticed? after ro15 it says do not turn and 10 sts on rt needle… i do not get tht…all i have is 20 sts on one needle… no rt needle or left

i am also following the tutorial links u guys have posted… and c where i went wrong…
meanwhile any other help is most welcome

Then you either didn’t do the last row, or did one too many because you should have sts on both needles.

ok… i will give it a try one more time… thanks guys for all the help
will keep u posted