When your COMPUTER is really HOT, that's bad news isn't it?

I dunno. I have a Sony Vaio notebook that I love, about 6 years old. Suddenly today while I was listening to a podcast it shut down all my open windows (not Outlook however) and then I just happened to notice it was REALLY HOT, like the desk underneath was very very hot also. Like it could start a fire if I went out and left it running for hours! That’s bad huh? I don’t know where the fan is and can’t find info on it, maybe I need to take it in for a check up?

you can buy external fans that sit underneath it for much cheaper, and they work just as well in my experience!

I have a fan under my laptop. It used to heat up as well. This fan worked. It plugs into a USB port and keeps the laptop cool.

If it were me, I think I’d take it in, just to make sure it’s not a bigger problem. If it gets fried, all is lost, I think, right?

Oh wow, thanks. I didn’t know that. I was thinking of taking it in but it costs $100 just to be looked at. I’ll look into the external fan, much appreciated!!!

My external fan only cost around $20. It keeps my puter nice and cool. Is there an electrical burning smell at all? If not, it’s just overheating. Give the fan a try, then if it still has problems, go have it checked.

The heat is a symptom that something is overheating. You really need to take it in. At the very least, they will clean out all of the dust. If it continues to overheat, the hard drive will burn out.

A couple of months ago, my son’s laptop started shutting down all the time. You would hear the fan start up real loud and then get quiet. I paid $95 for someone to clean it out. Nothing else was wrong with it. Although I am quite comfortable taking apart a desktop, I do not feel adept enough at tackling laptops. They are quite finicky. Take it to an expert. It will be worth the cost…especially since you love it so much.

Mine was shutting down out of the blue and was getting hot. We bought an external fan to sit it on and it’s been working great for about 9 months with no further problems. A friend who’s hobby is rebuilding older computers to donate to schools recommended the external fan.

Hanh! I have a Sony VAIO Notebook that is 5 1/2 years old! Hahah!

My dad has a sony vaio that is about that old too. He just bought a new one yesterday…another sony. Their technology has really improved, you get more for your money.

You really should have it checked out. While cooling pads do help keep things cooler they can mask a serious problem. Notebooks are too expensive to take chances with. Better off to have the problem repaired than to simply cover it up.

I have had this same problem before. I leave my laptop on all the time. I went to Walmart, bought a metal crate kinda thing that has little holes in the bottom it is normally used to hold mail and paper work and I put in under the laptop. It works great because it allows air to circulate underneath. I hardly ever take my laptop anywhere so it works out good for me maybe you can try it too!!

As a computer consultant, here’s my advice.

The fan on most laptops is located in the back left corner (as found when sitting like you would use it). Turn the computer over and look in the vents. Do they look dusty? If so, buy one of those cans of compressed air and blow as much of the dust out as you can. Turn the computer on. Lift it up and see if you feel a gentle breeze made by the fan and hear the soft whir of the fan running. If not, your fan is probably broken in some way. An external fan will not substitute for this internal fan - you need to have it fixed/replaced. Do you ever use your laptop while it’s sitting on a soft surface like a couch or even your lap? Doing so can block the vents and cause the computer to overheat which can cause damage to the fan or other parts of the computer. If you do use it on a soft surface, set it on a hard surface like a book to help keep a proper air flow. Also keep an eye on how much dust it sucks in. It’s a good idea to dust it out every so often. If you keep it on for long periods of time (a few hours to all day), I agree that an external fan is a good investment. The internal fans on laptops just aren’t designed to cope with the heat made by continuous use. You don’t need anything expensive. But I would reccomend one with three fans instead of just two. If your laptop needs fixing, don’t go with the biggest name around like Best Buy. Higher prices doesn’t necessarily mean better service. Computer work is fairly straight forward and a smaller, perhaps individually owned, shop will do just as good a job. But trust your judgement. If the price seems too low and the staff doesn’t seem knowledgable, or you just don’t feel comfortable leaving you computer with them, leave and look elsewhere.

Hope this helps. Good luck!