When you made your first knitted object

… did you ever look at it in the middle of the process and think to yourself “This is not looking quite right”? I’m kind of there right now. I’m making my first ever sweater and it looks kind of strange. Is that normal? I don’t know a whole lot about yarns, which could be my first mistake :teehee: I have a super bulky on the bottom of my sweater and the top is some kind of scratchy yarn :??
My husband thinks I should just finish it to see how it looks. I’m only on the back panel. Is it supposed to look rather funky until it’s put together??

What kind of experiences did y’all have?


maybe you should post a pic, so we can see what you did and if it looks funny to us. I don’t recall thinking my first sweater looked funny, but I had some sewingexperience before I started knitting, so I already knew how it was supposed to look like.

Oh, yes! Me!

My scarf was straight in the pattern picture, but zig-zagged in reality.

But that was an error in the pattern. :wall: What a lousy first project.

this is my first sweater:

I had to reknit the arms multiple times because they would have been past his feet otherwise. I still don’t know if it was the pattern or just me…

& my bf still thinks it looks funny.


It seems like every new item I try to knit, looks like a cruel joke. I end up frogging it numerous times, before getting it remotely close. There have also been a few occasions when I realized, that although I’m a new knitter, the pattern is actually wrong.

I had that with socks.

With sweaters… I just had the… “will I ever finish this?” blues.

I agree with that! My first sweater took forever. Actually, I still have to seam it up ^_^;;

I didn’t question the shape of my object, but I did question the size, it just seemed so big, but after I finished and seamed and blocked it, the measurements were spot on, so I dunno, I guess we all go through a little doubt

Ok here is a picture of my progress so far. This is the back panel. Doesn’t it look rather wide? Or is that normal? My other concern is the pink knitting that I am working on right now. You can see through the little holes. I’m thinking that is because of the type of yarn I am using. I started this project with yarn that I had here at home. Maybe I should have gone out and bought the yarn that the pattern called for. What do y’all think? Do you think it will be alright? I mean… I could wear a cammy underneath.


I know it looks strange now, because of the different textures, but that doesn’t mean it won’t turn out. You should keep going.

Thank you CarmenIbanez for your comment :slight_smile:

Right now I am making a scarf doing 2x2 ribbing using caron’s simply soft. It didnt’ look like ribbing for the first inch or so. I am still not sure if it’s “quite” right, but some things take time to evolve into looking like they should :shrug:

the edges of it will go in a little when you sew them to the front too, I think(?)
maybe it only looks wide because it is alone?

I think I felt that way about that one I made above before I sewed it…

:pout: :pout: Alright… I ripped it all out! LOL I just wasn’t understanding the pattern when it came to the shoulders / collar. I figured I’d never get it so I ripped it out. I’m gonna try to find another pattern that is a bit easier for me to understand.
I’m so disappointed… But I’ll get over it! :teehee:


sorry to hear you frogged it :hug:

it looks ok to me. not funny at all.

It’s very frustrating because I know I could do it if I had someone to show me how.

Ha. I just started this scarf in Lion brand yarn black homespun (I HATE it so much. DO NOT BUY IT. WORST YARN EVAR!) and when I cast on, and knitted 3 rows in full, it looked odd. None of the ribbing was popping out. . . it all looked the exact same. Like it didnt make a difference wether i knitted the knit stitches and purled the purls or vice versa.

But I knitted another 10 or so rows, and now I’ve knitted so many I’ve lost count. I think it’s like. . .the closer you get to completion, the more proper it looks if you didn’t actually mess up.