When Would You Use Rayon Yarn?

Part of the 87 lb of yarn I got for Christmas was 14 spools of rayon yarn. It looked like coarse embroidery floss to me, but the label shows a gauge for size 4 knitting needles, so I knitted up a sample. It seemed very harsh, but when I looked it up online, there was a mention of using it for a shawl. Yuk! I think it would feel like wearing a Brillo pad. What am I missing here?

did you wash, block and dry your swatch? Rayon typically has a good drape and shine, similar to silk.

Try knitting a large swatch, with a simple lace pattern, then wash or wet, block and dry your swatch. You might like it :wink:

Rayon usually softens up with handling and washing, so it may be an idea to wash or block your sample.

Thanks for the tip. That’s good to know and makes me think there’s rayon and then there’s rayon :teehee: cuz this stuff says “Dry Clean Only”.