When u cant knit

doesnt it make u wanna knit even more? i twisted my wrist alil in tennis, so it basically hurts all the time. cant knit, cant practice tennis and cant play video games all too well…oh lucky me…

I quilt when I am not knitting. I started about 3 years ago and my companion has been in and out of the hospital all yearso I wanted to learn something to do on the go and that is where knitting came in. So I knit with TV, at doctor offices, anytime I am away, I even do it when we go to dinner sometimes, (shame on me)
When at home I quilt, I do baby and lap top size, my first full size is nearly done.

I think it would be extrememly trying for me to be injured to the point where I couldn’t knit. I think I would get very depressed.

Some of my squares to be put into projects

That is one cool quilt!!!

I made this beach bag for my mom to carry to the pool this summer, it was her mothers day gift. Used one of the sqaures in my quilt blocks and went from there.

I see these things as a real talent–originality, flexibility, creativity! :cheering:

Nette…you are just TOO cool! Those bags and squares are GREAT!

LOVE that bag!!! So cool!! I do not know how to sew…I am very jealous of your talent!! :thumbsup:

wow Nette! i quilt also but nothing that detailed!!! i’ve only done baby quilts. i’m kind of scared to do anything bigger! :oops: heres one i recently did, but its not quilted yet.

i went to a quilt show this weekend and saw these and want to try all 3. but i don’t think a baby quilt will do the justice!!!

blooming 9 patch

drunkards path

i can’t remember what this one is called but i really like it.

Those are amazing!! Your’s too Koolbreeze! Just lovely, such detail!

Right away in my head I’m thinking of how I can convert them to knitting! If I had to sew that much they would have to put me in an institution. The sewing machine actually growls at me as I walk past.

I really should take a sewing class…those are GAWgeous! Including your baby quilt, Carmell!

i have seen a log cabin knitted blanket. the one i did is a log cabin

Oh Kool mine arent as nice as those. I love your baby quilt. I do lap size and babies usually but I do have a full sized layed out now waiting for the batting. Maybe I can start a blog and show some of my completed ones. The one you couldnt remember the name of is a Bargello not sure on the spelling. Kk quilting is a nice relief when you cant knit or need a break. I do find knitting however filled a void of time out of the house I viewed as lost time somehow.

yep thats the name of it!!!

InterNette and Carmell - VERY nice work :heart:!!!

yes, they’re BEAUTIFUL!!!

Very nice work!!! I have completed only 1 quilt my daughters… I have a charm quilt that has the width now gotta stop going around and build up or down but I got bored and put it away… Then for my daughters memory box my dad found a baby quilt that my grandmother (who she is named for) didn’t finish… but I just can’t bring myself to work on that one so its just in her box explainning it and I took samples of all the fabric she was going to use and put what I remeber them as her favorite dress, her favorite blouse, etc… Wish I had the patience to Quilt you guys do such lovely work!! My mom is a quilter and never fails to amaze me :cheering: cheers to quilters and knitters :smiley:

Internette–those bags are fabulous–I think you could make money on them at the right venue–they’re smashing and very unique!

And Koolbreeze–your baby quilt is beautiful!! Those quilts in the show were awesome–can you imagine actually completing one of those???