When to use m1L or m1R?

Hello all,

I’m trying to make a pair of fingerless gloves, and the pattern calls for several increases with m1. When would I use m1L or m1R? Should the increases slant like / \ or \ /?
The pattern is excerpted below. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you very much in advance!

Begin hand of the mitt…
Round 1: K15, row 1 of pattern, K15
Round 2: K15, row 2 of pattern, K15
Round 3: K15, row 3 of pattern, K15
Round 4: K15, row 4 of pattern, K15
Round 5: K15, row 5 of pattern, K15
[B]Round 6: K15, row 6 of pattern, K7, pm, m1,K1, m1, pm, K7[/B]
Round 7: K15, row 7 of pattern, K17
Round 8: K15, row 8 of pattern, K17
[B]Round 9: K15, row 1 of pattern, K7, pm, m1, K3, m1, pm, K7[/B]
Round 10: K15, row 2 of pattern, K19
Round 11: K15, row 3 of pattern, K19
[B]Round 12: K15, row 4 of pattern, K7, pm, m1, K5, m1, pm, K7[/B]

The link to the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/entwined-3#

Very cute mitts.
You can probably choose the increase that you want to use on each side of the thumb gusset. The important thing is to be consistent. These are both pretty invisible increases but there is a slight lean so you may want to use one on the right of the gusset and the other on the left side. There are videos on the tab at the top of the page, Free Videos, Increases.
Here’s a bit more about the lean, left (M1L) or right (M1R).