When to switch from 16" circular to 32" circular

Happy Holidays to everyone!
If anyone is actually reading this today, perhaps someone could help me: I am knitting Tin Can Knits’ Moraine sweater, which is a colorwork project starting top down. I have started with the 1x1 rib and it indicates that when I have one inch of ribbing, I should change to the larger needles (from #5 to #8). I am using the 16" #5 for the ribbing and understand I need to switch to the #8, but what I don’t know is if I should switch the 16" cable for the 32". I have yet to do the increases, so I am guessing I should stay with the 16" until I “need” to switch…

Thoughts, anyone?

Very happy holidays to you and your family too!
Change to a #8, 16 inch needle when the pattern calls for it (at the change from rib to main body). Switch to the longer needle when you have more sts than you can comfortably deal with on the #8, 16 inch needle. When that happens, knit onto the the #8, 32 inch.
Tin Can Knits really does have some lovely patterns.

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Once again, you are a life-saver - I just finished the ribbing and so ready to move to the #8 needles.

Thank you for all your help, every day, even Christmas!


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