When to knit/when to purl

so i’m doing this stockinette stitch for a pattern. i screwed up so i had to undo several rows. now i can’t tell if i need to knit the next row or purl the next row. i the i tried practicing on some extra yarn but the stitches all look the same.
any tips? :guyknitting:

Knit stitches look flat like little V’s and the purl side is bumpy. To get stockinette you knit on the knit side and purl on the purl side.

o.k. so i’m holding the knitting in my left hand as if i were going to continue. the purl side is facing me. does this mean i purl this row?

Yep. When you have bumps facing you when you’re ready for the next row, it’s the purl side.