When to block a "block" afghan?

I am currently knitting an afghan that requires individual squares to be sewn together to finish the piece. Should I block the pieces before I sew them or when they are all sewn together?

What yarn are you using? Blocking might make it easier to seam, but if you’re using acrylic be aware that it won’t block real well. Probably enough to seam though.

I actually asked the very same question this week. I am making a Debbie Bliss blanket of 54 squares sewn together. Here is the link to the answer I was given


sorry, i’m using 100% wool yarn, 4 weight, i dont currently have the link for the pattern, but the squares are moss stitch, stockingnette, and seed st. 9 in. x 9 in. squares, thank you!

I would block the squares before seaming then for sure. You can block them all the same size and it’ll make seaming a lot easier. :thumbsup: