When to Begin Increase Row

I am puzzled.
When do I begin?
‘work in garter st for 2 inches’…ok
'increase 1 st at each edge every 4th row 16 times, and then every 6th row 3 times"

My question: Do I begin increasing on the very next row after the 2 inches of garter is complete, calling that row 1 ? OR
do I knit 3 rows in garter and then increase on the 4th row?
In other words do I begin the increase immediately?

Can anyone help?

I would begin the increase right after the garder stitch (2 inches) and THEN very 4 rows… it could be described better in the pattern, though. This is a little slobby of an expression.

Yes, the first inc is on the row right after you reach 2" in the garter stitch, then do 3 more rows and the next one will be the 4th row.

Garter stitch
inc row
row 1
row 2
row 3
inc - row 4

After you’ve increased every 4th row 16 times (will be 17 including the first inc row) then you switch to increasing every 6th row.

Inc in 4th row
row 1
row 2
row 3
row 4
row 5
inc - row 6

basically I agree, but I would only go the 4 row step 16 times here, since it does not say do it once and repeat it 16 times, but it does say do it 16 times.

does the pattern give any “check up sum”? A number of stitches you are supposed to have at a certain point? then we could calculate it.

In my eyes you would have 19 increases on both sides, so that it 38 stitches more than before the increases start.

If you follow suzee’s calculation then you would have 20 increases and 40 stitches more.

maybe that is not critical? what will the project be?

Okay I was thinking it would be “inc on next row, then every 4th row 16 times”, but I guess it wouldn’t be. 16 times total it would be.

Thanks for the responses.
Yes it does give the check-up sum.
The pattern is the Emma Coat from the Fall issue of Creative Knitting just out.