When Should I Block Pieces?

When should I block my purse: as pieces before it’s seamed? once it’s all together and then fill it with newspaper while it dries so it has a shape? both–so it’s double blocked? and what if my pieces are at a sort of perfect size right now–i don’t want them to grow during blocking so how should i block?

And while I’m here, I think this back will need a lining. When should I do that? Should i sew a lining to each piece before it’s put together, should I put the lining in as one piece after the bag is all put together? Oh you know what–I’ve never lined anything. :doh: Hah. Anyone got a good tutorial for someone who is inept with sewing needles and scissors?

ETA–nevermind about the lining, just the links on the thread a few questions down!

Hey! I’m thinking if your purse pieces are already the size you want, then no need to block them. I’d seam them together, and make sure it still looked like the shape/size I want. You may be able to skip blocking altogether! As for lining, you definitely want to do that after seaming.

Is this the bag you posted about the other day because the pieces were the same size? SO CUTE!

That is SO the answer I was looking for–no blocking! :happydance: :rofl:

And yup, it’s the very same bag…can’t wait to get it done. I’ve gotta find a handle somewhere though.

:rofl: :rofl: