When knitting is a blessing

In my job I work some hours at the local correctional facility (otherwise known as the jail). We had a meeting in the building recently and there was a display case that had about 15 different knitted projects in it.

I stopped to look at it and the CO (Correctional Officer) told me that they were all made by inmates who were in the knitting group. Seems that one of the female CO’s is an avid knitter and got permission to start a knitting group for the female inmates. I was surprised that they’d let them use needles and was told that they use looms instead.

I was talking to one of the teachers that work with the inmates and asked if they could use some yarn. I had about 10 skeins of Red Heart SS in my closet that I knew I’d never use. She said she’d be look into it. I took her the yarn a couple of weeks ago.

I saw her today and she said that the ladies just loved it. They are using it to knit with and also for other craft projects. They made sure the scraps were given back from the projects because it’s contraband and they didn’t want their knitting privileges taken away.

I was so thrilled by this and then the teacher told me about one particular woman who told her that knitting was keeping her sane while she was locked up.

So the lesson for me was that something so small as donating some yarn I wasn’t going to use made a difference in these women’s lives. And I felt so humbled by the effect of such a simple thing. I told the teacher that I’d pass on anything else I found that I couldn’t use. What a great end to this day!

wow! this is about one of the nicest things I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you for sharing!

PS my son-in-love is a jailer in our city jail (he does overnights in the drunk tank, one of the hardest jobs imaginable. he’s so calm and patient it’s just amazing!!)


It’s great that when an opportunity to help someone presented itself out of the blue you took it on and did something about it. The best blessings are like that…I’ll bet they were quite surprised.

:hug: Yep, how “thoughtful” of you…

:?? He does overnights in the “drunk tank”? What is that?

Thanks for sharing that.

Wow, what a touching story!

Cheley, it means that her son has to keep an eye on the folks in the drunk tank, where they put people to sober up. Usually, there is a monitor the jailor can watch, and if anyone starts choking, etc., they can be helped.

NOT a pleasant job, and that he can do it with patience is a wonderful thing. As you may or may not know, drunks can be extremely obnoxious. We used to just lloovvvvee
getting them into our E.D. and having to clean them up.

That is a nice idea. My DH is a minister and police chaplain, and we’ve had two church members in jail recently. They really need all the care and calm tey can get.