When knitting in the round

A lot of patterns say “join, place marker”

so would you K or P the first stitch THEN place the marker to mark the beginning of the round?
i normally place the marker first, then knit or purl my first stitch.

which is right?

I place marker, then do the first stitch.


That’s what I do too.

Me, too.

Me too!! :happydance:

I place the marker first except if using DPNs, then I knit the stitch first.

I never place a marker. I leave a really long tail from the cast on… that way I always know where the beginning of the round is. Those markers just annoy me because they get in my way. LOL

I sometimes do that for a few inches and pull up the tail between the first and last stitches to mark them. But when you’re doing a sweater, after a while it gets really hard to tell the beginning of the round unless there’s a marker.


I cast on one extra stitch. Then I knit the first stitch cast on and the last stitch cast on together through the back loops, then I place a marker.

I join a little differently sometimes–I basically put the first stitch from the left needle (last cast on stitch) onto the right needle and the first stitch on the right needle (first cast on stitch) to the left. One has to be slipped over the other, and it makes a slightly neater join, which is good for sewing-challenged people like me who can’t tidy up an edge to save their lives. Then I place my marker…after the join but before working the first stitch. Does this make any sense?


Yes, it does, and I’ve done that a time or two to make a nicer join.


same here place marker and knit/purl the 1st stitch