When knitting both sides at one time

how do I switch from two balls back to one ball. My instructions don’t tell me to cut or anything. Help!!! :doh:

Do you mean your going from two strands to one strand? Just cut one and continue with the other. You can weave in the tail from the first strand to secure it.

Hi Ingrid

I am new at this site as well as a beginner knitter. Thanks for the advice, but I still don’t understand what you do with the strand you’re not going to use any longer, besides cutting it. Do you bind off or tie off the cut end???


You can tie it off if you don’t mind a knot. Some knitters hate knots, I feel they have their place. With or without a knot, you can thread it into a tapestry needle and weave it in the back of your work, just to secure it.