When it says Leave Sts unworked. Next Row: Purl

Hello all. I found this question answered for crocheting, but not knitting. My patter says 1. Knit to last 16. Turn. Leave rem sts unworked. Next Row: Purl. Rep last two rows 5 times more.

What I am not sure on is am I supposed to purl to the beginning of my row, or to the other side of those 16?

Also, this is the Bernat pants pattern, if that helps at all. The whole thing is a little confusing to me.

If you have a link to the Bernat pattern, it would help.

here it is. Sorry about that, it took a bit to find it online again.


It wouldn’t let me post it before. It’s right at the beginning.

Okay, you turn leaving the 16 sts, unworked and purl back to the edge of the row. Then when you turn to knit back, I [I]think[/I] you purl to 16 sts [B]before you turned on the previous row[/B]. Then turn and purl to the end again. So each row you k 16 less stitches. Then you go back and purl. At the end of 12 rows (you will have 6 sets of 16 sts staggered along one end of the needle) you knit ALL the sts. This is called ‘working short rows’ and it’s done to shape a piece of knitting.

Thanks for your reply! I cannot continue tonight, but I will start it up again tomorrow :slight_smile: