When Is A Pattern Your Own?

I am taking a Right Twist stitch from a pillow pattern and a cable stitch I found in a book and putting them together to make a purse. Would this be considered an original pattern? How do I know this pattern isn’t out there somewhere else? I’ve searched Ravelry and haven’t seen it anywhere.



I do the same thing. I take stitch patterns and put them togethor. Legally I don’t know but if YOU are creating a pattern using multiple stitch patterns you should be fine. If you think of it, every pattern is made of some type of stitch pattern.

That’s my opinoin…if that helps.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, too, and that’s what makes sense to me. Being inspired by the general idea of something and saying you made it isn’t breaking any copyright laws. I know there’s at least one artist (probably dead) who created his own version of someone else’s well-known painting. I’ll ask my mom about it (she’s an art teacher).

Alot depends on the copyrights of the other patterns. The right twist sounds like a basic enough knitting stitch. However I imagine the cable in the book is copyrighted, so while you could use it in your pattern, I don’t think you could include the cable instructions in with your pattern. But include reference to it instead…

I am torn on that one, as I have seen several scarves that were lace/cable patterns that were taken out of a book. I don’t understand how they work around that copyright.

Maybe someone with better knowlege of copyrights and stich patterns and books can help out here.

There is a copyright group on Ravelry if you belong. You could ask them and they will tell you.

I would search for the stitch pattern, if you find it in LOTS of places then the book you are using would not hold the copyright most likely. Then stitch pattern book I have has SS and Garter and Old Shale and I know those are ALL over the place. I don’t think any hold the copyright to them.