When I'm interrupted before a row is finished

How do I know which side is which?

I do most of my knitting during my son’s naptime, or after bed, or while he’s outside playing (I sit on the back step and knit).

So, I get interrupted A LOT.

I’ve gotten a little confused a few times on which side was supposed to be on the left, and which side is on the right…

Before I develop some complicated way of remember that, is there a simple way to look and see it?

What would happen if I picked up my knitting and got my needles backwards? Would one part of the row have been knit twice? Or is it physically impossible to do that (she asks hopefully)?


It is simple. Just look for the stitch your yarn is attached to. It will be on your right needle.

And yes, you can make the mistake of knitting backwards. I remember doing it in my early days. When you get to the place where you started back the other way you see a gap and it becomes clear. :rollseyes:

You could try using needles of different colours but the same size. So that you just have to remember which colour was in your left or right hand. Then the other coloured needle obviously goes in your other hand.

Last year I was knitting a sweater front in a room with very subdued lighting, while simultaneously working on another project. I was having to interrupt my knitting constantly, but seemed to be making amazingly good progress, and I thought I was being very careful about setting the knitting down and picking it up in the same direction each time. When I later went to measure my progress, it had indeed been amazing, about 6" on one side, 5 1/2" on the other, and 7" in the middle – well, probably not that much, but something along those lines – and it was full of holes! It was so wacky, all I could do was laugh as I frogged, frogged, frogged. :lol: Now I “follow the yarn”, like Ingrid suggested.