When I Was A Kid

I saw this on another forum and thought it may be funny to add here. What you do is just post something you used to do or think, as a kid, that you now know was completely silly and/or irrational.

One of the things I posted is:

When I was little, I used to think “canned laughter” (the laughing in the background on tv shows and cartoons such as The Flintstones) was the people who were watching the show at the same time and the speaker on the TV also served as a microphone…So, when I’d watch a cartoon or show with canned laughter, I’d put my mouth up to the speaker on the TV and laugh as loudly as I could so everyone would hear me…

so funny :rofl:

That’s a really good one!!

Well, being a life-long animal lover, of course one of my misconceptions as a child would have to do with animals. My maiden name is Shepherd, so I thought the only dogs we could have were German Shepherds. At the time I was about 5 and we happened to have a German Shepherd, so that just reinforced that fact in my mind! I never stopped to think it was odd that the Catos had a Collie, or that the Smiths had a Beagle!!

LOL! Oh the things we tell ourselves when we are little…lol

I was just telling someone today that when I was a kid, when I heard [I]euthanasia[/I] mentioned, I thought it concerned young people in China. :teehee:

Me too! My friend was doing a report on it and I thought it was a cute idea but couldn’t figure out the controversial part!


make that me three!! :rofl: and when i was like 3 i thought all cats were girls and all dogs were boys.

I thought cotton balls were picked right off the plant.
Oh, and I thought that when my Mom told me to get in the car because we were going to go run some errands, she was talking about my little sister. My sister’s name is Erin. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why people were always “running Erins”.

there were several deer (roadkill) on the roads and my mom said “someone really needs to call the DNR.” I asked “What’s the DNR??..Dead and Runover?”

Another thing I thought when I was little…I could never understand why people couldn’t drink and drive. I never saw the big deal in drinking a soda or water while you were driving! Needless to say I was too young to even really know about alcohol…LOL

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: That’s the funniest thing I heard all week!!!

Re: the drinking and driving I laughed so hard my water came out of my nose! I had a fit once because my Dad used to ‘drink and drive’ He always drank Coke on long road trips. I knew you weren’t supposed to drive with people who had been drinking. I absolutely had a melt down in a gas station. When my Mom asked me what was wrong I pointed to my Dad’s coke can that he had just bought and said you aren’t allowed to drink and drive! He could kill us all!

I also remember that thinking that all dog were boys and all cats were girls. I was so confused when my neighbors dog had puppies!:teehee:

When I was a kid, I remember watching my first Dukes of Hazzard episode. My sister and I were young and had never watched it, so we only heard Bo’s name mentioned. We couldn’t figure out his brother’s name, so we assumed his name was Arrow. We called him that for a season or two. :teehee:

I also remember, as a young child, hearing that God was everywhere. When that fact hit my young brain, I was terrified of sitting on him, since He was supposed to be everywhere.

LOL! That is too funny!! Glad I’m not the only one who thought that!

Let’s see…

I thought babies were cut out of your tummy and couldn’t figure out why people were always running to get to the hospital to get it cut out.

The first time I saw a VCR, my brother convinced me that it was like a mini-video camera and Grandpa & Grandma would hear everything and see everything we did in that room because they were taping.

I thought Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers were real and lived right around the corner. I was always looking for them and wanted to walk on and be on TV too.

I thought when people said they were flying somewhere, that they were literally flying. I envisioned these huge wings they put on and flapped away.

I could go on, but I’ve embarrased myself enough for the day.

Oh, and I believed the same thing about drinking and driving. Someone should really clear that up for little kids!


I lived at the lake when I was young and I really thought that the big sand crystals were actually diamonds that hadn’t been polished yet and the reason that the adults never saw them-- was because they were too tall to notice them.

I was probably about 5 when I thought this… and believed it for years.

when i was little my parents were always returning me to some department store because i was bad
and i really believed that because i never went shopping with
them because i thought iwas going to the land of the returned

I was convinced that my dolls came to life at night. And while I loved them during the day, I was sure that they weren’t nice.

I always had to have covers on…even in the summer…because for some reason I thought that they would believe I was one of “them” then and wouldn’t kill me.

I was such a warped and morbid child.:??


Yeah, I seemed to have a problem with paranoia when I was a child. I thought really mean Doberman Pinschers would hide under my bed at night, waiting for me to get up so they could attack me…I used to be terrified of having to get up in the middle of the night for the bathroom! I’d do the whole jump on my bed from a foot away so they couldn’t bite my ankles…LOL!

I also used to think my mom and dad hid tape recorders all over the house so they would know what I was up to when they were gone…But, I wasn’t a bad kid! I didn’t really do anything that would warrant my parents spying on me…I mean regular kid stuff, but nothing really bad! Of course, there were no tape recorders, I was just paranoid! lol

When we first got a VCR my dad told me to be quiet while it was on on my voice would be on the tape. It’s works that way with tape recorders, how was I to know different?
I used to sleep with my arm folded under my head and my hand would be under my hair. I used to pull my hair to make sure it was mine and that a werewolf hadn’t crawled into bed behind me.
I overheard one of my mother’s movie once. The character said something like “you’ll never get that blood off your hands” I actually thought, for a long time, that blood wouldn’t wash off.