When doing something on two circulars

do they need to be the exact same length, or at least within a couple inches? If and when I ever get Silver’s sock class done, I’d like to try two socks on two circulars.

They don’t have to be anywhere near the same lenghth. The just both have to be long enough to comfortably work with.

Nope. I did the top of my hat with two different length circs, but the needle size is the same of course.

Excellent! That’s what I figured, as long as the needle sizes were the same and there was comfortable “reach”, length really didn’t matter.

Does that help eliminate the laddering from DPNs, or can you get one if you’re not careful beween where the knitting is divided between the two circulars?

You still have to be careful at the join. My problem is that sometimes I pull too tightly and get a bump.

Ever since I got comfortable with the method, I haven’t had any problems with ladders. I only really did on the first “real” project I used 2 circs for (sweater sleeves) and that was a LOT of knitting, so by the end, I had it down. :thumbsup:

Do you just tug really tight between the joins? I just finished my first hat on 2 circs (used the Boye’s trick with one set of needles Amy posted about -worked great), but I had ladders between the joins. I thought I was tugging tight but maybe not tight enough, and I tend to have too much tension.

Yup, I just make sure that first stitch is nuce and snug :smiley: