When doing a RT (right twist), do I twist on both sides?

I’m making a sweater that is, for me, pretty complicated - three different cable patterns, and so on. The directions list each cable separately and then for the back (and front) it says:
EST PAT: Row 1 (RS): P8, RT, Cable I, RT, Cable II, RT, Cable III, RT … and so on

I understand how to do that much, and have gotten 8 rows of it done and it’s looking okay. But the RT’s don’t quite look right - they’re sort of knobby and uneven.

So, my question is, when doing a right twist as part of an ongoing cabled project, do I twist on both the RS and the WS, or do I do the RT on the RS and just purl those two stitches on the WS?

Any input would be ever so appreciated!!


Generally when doing cables you knit or purl only on the wrong side. All the twisting and cabling is done on the RS. It just takes a little practice to get the stitches to look even. You could tug a little bit on the knobby stitch or the one next to it to even them out.


Thanks, Sue! I had been RT’ing on both sides, and it occurred to me after once through the pattern that maybe it was weird that I was RT’ing everywhere but only doing funky cable stuff on the RS… needed some validation for the idea before I continued on the rest of the sweater.

It’s the first piece that I’m making for myself rather than for my kids or someone else’s kids or what have you… must have it look nice!!