When doing a decrease on the purl side?

I am working on a sweater and starting the shaping for the arm hole.

The pattern reads.

Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Dec row (rs) K1 SKP (slip 1,k1, pass slipped st over), Work to last 3 sts, K2 tog, K1. Rep dec row every other row.
My question is. When on the purl side how do you do the skp.

An alternative for the SKP is a SSK (slip slip knit) so on the wrong side in place of the SKP you could do a SSP (slip slip purl). Click here for a page with a video showing how to do it.

From what I can see, you are only decreasing on the knit rows. Since the first dec is on a knit row and the every other row after, it seems you would just purl across as usual.

You won’t be decreasing on a purl row.

thank you all… After I wrote this question I went back to work. :figureditout: The answer to my own question. Im such a silly goose. Thanks again