When does "fussy" become "too fussy"?

I am a fairly new knitter and have to say that I am no where near picky :stuck_out_tongue: I have so few FO’s under my belt that I really just want to finish the thing.

On my very first project there is one or 2 quite obvious mistakes but at the time I had no idea how to fix them without frogging and the thought of ripping it out made me want to cry alot more than the mistake did. I thought I’d hate the thing when it was done but the second it was off the needles and on my head the mistakes seemed to vanish and I was SO proud of myself for making it all my myself that I didn’t care in the slightest.

I still pretty much refuse to frog unless its not an option (I did about 3 cable rows in the middle of a project as if they were WS when the were RS) but I will tink. Usually only within a row though. I’m getting pretty good at checking every row before I continue though just so I don’t have to frog. :mrgreen:

Maybe I’ll get pickier as I get better but for now I just want it done!

I find the more years that I have been knitting the more particular I get. I think it is because as my skills grow, so do my expectations and my ability to fix the pattern.

There are things that influence my decision to frog, tink or have DH rewind the sucker back up into a ball.

First of all the cost and quality of the yarn/wool. The better stuff, the more likely I am to work it until it is right.

For whom I am knitting this piece. This can work both ways, as in, “Eh, my mother will never notice.” or “This is for my [U]mother[/U] I want it to look really good because she’ll show it to loads of people.”

If it affects the wear-ability of the project. So in the case you mentioned, I’d rip. But in the case of socks where I might have forgotten to decrease one row on both sides, I’ll just double up decreases the next row. [Especially on my hubbies size 15 socks]

And then the number of mistakes. For example there is one pattern I’m trying which is a harder lace than I have ever knit to this point. I’ve frogged it several times because I want it to look right. Now I’ve decided to make something else with that wool because for now, I am not ready.

lol, :teehee: I think I’ve gone and analyzed myself too much, once more!

lol, I think I’ve gone and analyzed myself too much, once more!

You know, while there’s a lot to be said for letting yourself get into the simple pleasure of just knitting away fairly mindlessly, I think that being mindful of how and why and what you’re knitting is worth it. I see a lot of parallels between a lot of the other design and creative work I do and knitting, and one thing I realized a long ways back is that, if you want to put out top quality work, you have to be aware of what and why you’re doing what you do.

So, overall, analyzing is a good thing, in my book! :slight_smile:

What she said.