When do you put your christmas tree up?

So when do you put your tree up AND do you enjoy decorating for christmas? I usually put mine up the day after Thanksgiving but I noticed a lot of people in my area already have theirs up. I am thinking about putting mine up today. I LOVE putting the tree up and decorating :woot:

Usually Thanksgiving weekend, although some weekends we don’t have time and I remember once putting it up the day after Christmas (obviously, I didn’t have kids yet when that happened. :lol:)

It looks like we may not get to it until Sunday, if at all, this weekend. :frowning: It is more likely to get put up next weekend, I think.

I love decorating the tree and wrapping presents! I do not do much other decorating, though.

We do ours the day after Thanksgiving too. But, we have a fake tree with the lights already in it. So, it’s up from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve and we take it down on New Year’s Day. Of course, while putting it up it’s sort of our tradition to watch [I]Christmas Vacation[/I] at the same time. I don’t know how that started, but it’s ours and we love it.

I’m also crazy for Christmas movies. Let’s start a new thread…

Day after Thanksgiving here too. I’m excited! I put up 2 trees (both fake), one in the front of the house, to been seen outside, and one in the family room (in the back of the house). I look forward to the tree in the front of the house most, it’s a white tree and I put pink lights and silver trim on it, it’s AWESOME!!

Thanksgiving weekend here - I also have a pre-lit artificial tree (allergies mean this is my best choice). I need to figure out where I stashed the Christmas decorations since the move.

I decided to put 2 trees up this year, I never have before. Whats one more tree to take down and put away after new years? LOL They had a pink tree at Walmart I really wanted it but DH said no way! I have never seen pink lights though where did you get them?

It took about 2 years for me to find them, but, Walgreen’s was finally carrying them last year so I stocked up! I’ve seen a pink tree at Michael’s, it was so cool! I would have loved to have gotten it, but, we really don’t need 3 trees…lol

I’d love a white tree. How cool is that? Maybe I’ll get a little one for upstairs. I know just where it would go.

I put mine up last weekend, I had never had my own tree before and got one on sale at target for cheap, prelit 7 footer. that was so much fun putting it up and decorating!

Traditionaly as a family we weren’t allowed to get our tree until after my brother’s birthday the 13th. Then we’d bundle up and pack the family + dog + camera + saw into the van and off we’d go to spend HOURS searching for “the tree.” The hubby and I haven’t put up a tree b/c we’re never home for Christmas…I do decorate with all my snowmen and stockings over the fireplace…just no tree.

We usually put ours up the 1st weekend in December.

(When we had small kids we couldn’t keep out of the tree, it was only tp the week of Christmas!)

When I was a baby my mom said I was amazed by the Christmas tree and would always crawl to it and knock the ornaments off…until she thought of the brilliant idea of putting the tree in a play pen. LOL!

we always seem to put up My moms tree after the 20th
not sure why, just what I remember
in my house, when we do get a tree, its put up and left up until it is SO dead we cannot deal anymore
sometimes we get it a couple weeks before christmas, sometimes the week before, even the day before
I have tried sugar in the water, and aspirin, and vodka, none of them help
but it sure does look pretty for a week or so

We would always get a real tree and I would end up hauling it home a week before Christmas, because DH was usually working late. I got tired of that so, last year I bought an artificial one, thinking it would be easier. My DD put it up. I took it down and couldn’t even move the box, it was so heavy. It is more of a chore than the real ones.

Ummmmmmm…well, we don’t really do anything Christmasy here. The last time I had a tree up my dog thought we’d brought in the great outdoors for his personal potty, and my cats thought it was a great jungle gym! LOL! Since it’s just me and dh, 1 dog and 8 cats, we enjoy everyone else’s decorations. :slight_smile:

Debra in NC

Since our crazy busy music scene actually begins tomorrow with Nutcrackers and our next day off is Dec. 25, we look at our calendars and figure out when we are both home with no students for a few hours. That is when the tree goes up.

But today the outside lights go up :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving…

My birthday is December 13th and my mom always tried to keep that day a little special by waiting until after to put up the tree. It was a nice attempt by her, too bad no one else really cared! Now I think we’ll wait until mid December too. What’s the rush?

Ditto. My birthday is the 19th so my mom usually doesn’t put the tree up until afterwards. That is unless my dad has other ideas and decides he wants to put it up early! At uni we are putting our tree up on the 1st because we will only get to have it up for two weeks.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’m a Christmas maniac… LOL!
I’ve been making decorations since the beginning of November and slyly sneaking them out into the livingroom.
The tree will be up this week - hopefully by Saturday… if I can get my dh to bring it out for me and put on the lights. He doesn’t mind doing the lights as long as I’m going to do the rest. LOL!
Been making presents too… knitting hats and scarflets and having a great time.
We are by ourselves for Christmas so the real Christmas for me is the build up… from Fall to Christmas and thru to New Years!
LOve the colours, the lights, the spirit of Christmas…

We put it all up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I decorate pretty much the whole house…we decorate 7 trees :teehee: I’m behind this year though 'cause we decided last minute to go home (WV). I have the last tree up just gotta put the lights and ornaments on it tonight. :woohoo: