When do you need a cable longer than 24 inches?

I think I read that Magic Loop uses a long cable (32?) but just in general, when do you know, if the pattern doesn’t specify, if 24 inches is long enough? When is it too long?

Thanks in advance!!!

It just depends on how many stitches you need to work with. You couldn’t do a sweater in the round on a 24" cable.

Magic Loop is easier on a longer cable as it doesn’t put as much pressure on the cable/needle joints.

I’ve done sweaters on 24", but 29" is usually better. You need 16" for hats and collars. I like 24" for knitting flat or doing two circs, as well.

Wow, that was either a small sweater or some seriously bunched stitches :rofl:

I have a question that’s probably sort of dumb, but I always thought that when you said 16" circulars, you meant that the cable itself was 16". Do you measure the needles also when determining the length? I have a few circulars of indeterminate origin lying around, and though I can use a needle gauge to find out their mm, I was wondering how I find out what cable length they’re considered.

You measure circulars from needle tip to needle tip. :wink:

I use 24’s for two circ projects like socks and some sweaters, 16’s for hats, , but I prefer 32 or 40 for magic loop.

I don’t need anything longer than 24. And 16 for hats. Got it.


Probably not. Although now we are all going to challenge you to learn Magic Loop and knit a sweater! :wink:

:teehee: You know you want to!! All the cool kids are doing it :teehee:

You can fit a lot of stitches when you’re using Shetland wool–it’s fingering weight.:thumbsup:

Plus, when you’re as sleek as I am. . . . .




If you are talking about Shetland wool, I think you must mean …when you’re as steek as I am…



Proud to be a geek… :mrgreen:

I used a longer cable when I was making an afghan for my daughters king size bed. I had 2 30" cables joined for that one!

I have to know…how long did it take to knit a king afghan?

You must be one strong lady! Years ago my grandmother crocheted a double bedspread out of crochet cotton and no one could lift. (not to mention wash it!)

It fits a king size bed. I made it all in squares, then sewed them all together, and knitted the edging. Believe me, it is warm, I used 2 strands of DK throughout. It has survived 2 grandchildren, my daughter, & her Marine husband. It is beautiful, but, only adults can move it, lol.

I made the squares at work, approx 9" square. 3 different types of squares, then, I usually did one square a day, sometimes more on weekends, The sewing up took longer than anything, all those freaking ends… and remember I used 2 strands… lol I was afraid it wouldn’t be warm enough.

All together about 3 weeks start to finish. Believe me, I was tired of afghans for ahile.

I must be a whimp, i cannot get a 16" to make enough slack to do a finished hat
and I do the 2 @ once ML for my sleeves on my sweaters, then the decreases are equal, NEVER gonna hapen otherwise
I dont really use any shorter than 24" except to start a hat, and I use my 40" or bigger for sleeves