When do you give up?

I have a sweater I’m making for my hubby. It’s ALMOST done. I just need to put on the neckline. But, I HATE IT. He said it itched when he only had a T-shirt on under it when he tried it on. It totally discouraged me. I also think the pattern made him look fat. He’s NOT (OK, he has a tiny belly, but not that bad!). I sat on the train this morning trying to pick up the final stitches and even those I couldn’t get right. The pattern has an error and I think it didn’t work out right. I also don’t know how to do ragalan sleeves right! Can I just frog the whole thing and start over? It’s 6 months of work! I hate to just toss it. He was so looking forward to it.

Frogging is not such a bad thing as it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you’ve just spent months knitting and you would like there to be a finished product at the end of this tunnel. But wouldn’t you rather it be a sweater you could be proud of instead of one you aren’t really happy with?

If it were me, I’d start over. I have lots of things I made that I was really knocked out with and most of those are in a pile somewhere not being used.

Besides, knitting is a learning process. You may even find that your next attempt at knitting goes faster than your first because of all you learned while you were working on the sweater that didn’t work out.

Best of luck with whatever you decide!


OH, don’t frog it yet! I have frogged things in moments of being overwhelmed and disappointed and then the next day REALLY wishing that I hadn’t not that. Just take a little time away from the sweater.
Maybe you will have to frog down to a certain point but not the whole thing.
Is the sweater wool? If so, remember that blocking it will do wonders!
I have make sweaters that looked like small woodland creatures were trying to burrow out of it. Very lumpy and unflattering! I blocked it and it turned out as smooth as could be.