When do I use dpns (Hello Kitty)

I’m trying to make this Hello Kitty bear for a good friend of mine who also happens to knit.

The pattern says that I’m supposed to knit with 3mm dpns and I’m not seeing where to start using them in the pattern.

Can someone take a look at the pattern?

I have posted a picture of my progress. I knit the legs “flat” (not in the round) and have the first row of 40 sts across in pink. The blue line is pointing out the centre where I have “joined” the two legs with the pink yarn.

Also, I do not understand what this means from the pattern.

[color=green]Mark each end of next row with a coloured thread.[/color]

Could someone interpret for me please?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t see any place where you join in the round, either. I suspect that you use dpns so you’ll have a spare needle. Maybe?

I do know that you tie a piece of yarn on the ends of the row to mark where you’re to seam to when you’re done knitting.

oh, ok I think I get it. Example, if I were to put yarn on every fifth row, then I would be able to match up the seams easier that way. Right? Or would I have to do every row?

You only have to tie it on where it says. In the “To Make Up” section, it tells you to close the seam down to the yarn you tied on. It’s just a marker on that spot.

Right. I’m thinking they’re pointless at that spot (and more useful halfway up) because the colour change in the yarn kind of acts as a marker anyway. This is more philisophical at this point I think. I’m picking up the needles again.

Thank you :slight_smile: