When a pattern says: "ending with WS"

Does this mean that you end on the wrong side, having just knitted the last stitch in that row?..or does it mean ‘ending with WS facing you’?

I am assuming the first part above…cuz my scarf resembles the pattern. Yet the words puzzle me.

I assumed that it meant: the last stitch I took was on the WS of work.
So next row will be RS facing me…is this how you understand it?

This pattern is from: Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr, and the pattern is called “Parallelograms”.

I’m pretty sure you have it correct. That’s how I interperet it - in fact I just ended something on the WS (purl side) and slipped to a stitch holder, looked further down, and when I slip stitches back to the needles I’ll be working on the RS (knit side).

Yes, you’ve just finished the WS and the next thing you do will be on a RS row.