I would love to buy a spinning wheel. What do you think of either of these:




Understand that I am a rank beginner myself, so I can just tell you from my experience. The 19th centruy wheel is lovely for a collector, but if you are wanting to learn to spin, I do not think that is what you want. The Ashford Traditional is a good wheel to learn on; if you are learning by yourself many of the “how to” books and videos are geared to it. I bought a used Ashford Traveler, which is basically the same wheel in an upright configuration. Parts are available readily. You should see plenty of Ashfords listed. I know there are other good beginner wheels out there in other brands as well. I wanted something that looked traditional, however, and I’m pleased with my purchase.

Hi Katie!
I have to agree with Jane. I looked at Spinning wheels a lot before deciding on which one to buy. I finally ordered the Ashford Traditional last week. I’ve heard lots of good things about it from several different people. The biggest selling points are the availability of Customer support, available of parts if something isn’t working or you decide you want to switch from single Treadle to double or vis vs.

Make sure when your bidding that you check what the wheel would cost you to buy new. My local place is also online if you want to check prices there.


You can also find information about the Ashfords on there website.


Good luck with your search for a wheel. I had a lot of fun shopping for mine before deciding on the Ashford Traditional.

I have to agree with the other 2 ladies. When I was looking for a wheel I was warned to stay away from “antique” wheels. Actually, I now own 2 Ashford wheels and I must say that there are no problems getting parts if you need any. I just put a double treadle on my Traveler and that is something you may want to check into as a double treadle does seem to spin more even. I know several people who have the Ashford traditional and they are very happy with theirs also. Happy spinning! Maud

I definitely agree with the other comments.

An antique wheel is really just for decoration.