It happened. I’ve spun only 8 oz of shetland wool on a spindle, and I was hooked. I ordered an ashford joy (I live in a tiiiny apartment) from my local lys and I got the call today! The bad thing was, I didnt think it would come so fast, so I was planning to pay it with my next paycheck (i work part time at ING direct…we have a checking account that earns 3-4% interest!) but I had already paid bills with my last one, so I don’t have enought to pay for it! I told my boyfriend (who I live with and love to death…I bought him an 8 track recorder last year…$500) And without even asking, he wrote me a check for the wheel! WHat a sweetie! I’ll post some pictures when I get some spun up!

I apologize for the long story, but I HAD to share! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

(and I :heart: ING direct :thumbsup: )

Post away…nothing is too long.

Congrats on the wheel!

haha, julie, I’m glad you :heart: ING. Though I work in the mailroom, and a lot of people don’t think we exist, so they send us things like, porn, moldy cheese, or they just tape a business reply envelope to a 2x4. that always keeps my job interesting! haha.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Congrats on the new wheel…

What a sweetie! Def. a keeper :teehee:

Can’t wait to see some spinning! Have fun!

haha yep, I can say without doubt that any man who loves us enough to support our yarn crazed obsessions are always keepers! :happydance: :hug: :heart:

That’s what I have!!

I haven’t used it yet though :oops:

What’s ING :oops: I’ve seen the commercials, but what is it?

We’re a “direct” bank. We don’t have any physical locaitions where you can go to deposit or withdraw money. Everything is online or through mail. We have savings accounts and cds that gain great intrest (we never have any fees or minimums, ever. you can put 30 cents in a cd and leave it there your entire life if you want to. doesn’t make much sense, but you can.) But the best thing is our new checking account. I think right now it gains 3.5% interest, and its got tons of great features. If you want to check it out, www.ingdirect.com
Also if you live in a big city, LA, New York, Philadelphia, Delaware, and soon to be chicago and my hometown, Saint Cloud MN!, you can visit one of our “cafe’s” You can go have a cup of coffee and someone will explain ING to you, and answer any question, help you open an account, etc.
We like orange too. Half of my wardrobe either says ING on it somewhere, or is neon orange.