Wheel "Slipping"

This is a bit difficult to describe, but does this make sense to anyone? I have a beautiful Kromski “Symphony” that was a Christmas gift and I have been spinng on it everyday! I had been spinning with a hand spindle and and am now turning out some pretty good, and consitant yarn, if I do say so myself. I’m working in a NZ Corriedale. My problem is that the bobbin/flyer “slips a little jump” while winding on the newly spun yarn. I suspect that it is due to a tiny knot in the juke drive band. Does this make sense? I can’t watch it while it’s spinning and don’t see it happen if I run the wheel while not spinning, I suspect that the actual spinning of the yarn puts enough tension on the drive band that it’s causing the little “slip/jump”. It’s a bit annoying because it pulls at the yarn suddenly and can cause a break, and like I said it’s new to me and every little inconsistancy is very noticeable.
I have a spinning book that has instructions for “splicing” a drive band and I’m thinking of buying new jute and making a new band, the band that is now on there really does not allow much room for adjusting. If that is my problem and I need to make a new band where do I get the jute string, one book recommends “parcel post twine”?

I like to use linen carpet warp for my drive bands. I always splice them, never tie a knot.

It may also help your band ‘grip’ the drive wheel better if you take a bit of paraffin (or canning wax) and pull the new drive band over it a time or two. It will help it grip the wheel better.

I did splice a new band and it is MUCH better! Thanks for the help!