Whee, I'm in a Knitting Guild

Well, there was a bulletin insert at church this weekend about a local knitting guild. I decided to go and knit, even though I will miss choir practice because of it. (I won’t mind missing getting hassled by the tenor section and I doubt I will be missed by them either.) Considering the guild meets once a month I will try not to feel guilty about missing choir.

I wonder if they have a theme song?

We represent the Happy Knitters guild,
the Happy Knitters guild,
the Happy Knitters guild,
We represent the Happy Knitters guild,
and we want to welcome you to knitty land!

ala Wizard of Oz! teehee.

That’s so cool! I don’t have one close to me unfortunately.

we have one in Atlanta that is apparently very active but I’m terrified to go…don’t know why…I know I’d love it but I’d also experience that feeling of “wow look at what they can do, boy do I wish I could knit like that”…and I hate that!

Good for you for joining!!

Thanks Jan. I don’t know how I didn’t hear about this one before, there were a lot of members there - and not everyone came either!

Hey Christy - there were people that brought their summer time FO’s and let me tell you … it was intimidating. But I hammed it up a bit and was awestruck anyway so I was telling them all how fabulous everything looked. There is one gal that knits so much, she does it in the grocery store checkout aisle. Now I don’t feel quite so bad (although I looked at the scarf I am making and thought I need to really start something moderately challenging).

There were a lot of ladies that were just SO willing to help me, it was kind of silly. There were a lot of older ladies, some middle aged (maybe a few below 40) and then there was me. It’s a good general mix but I wish there were someone in the 25-35 range. Oh well, I guess I can’t split hairs (or yarn strands).

That’s awesome! :slight_smile: Its hard for me to even find a knitter here in NoWhere.

That’s great that you found them. There is a groups that meets here, but I hate inviting myself to things. I actually got up the nerve called the coordinator once and got her son and he was so rude to me that I was scared to call back. Anyway, maybe I’ll give it another shot since you seemed to have alot of fun at yours!


I joined the knitting guild when I moved to Houston a few months ago. It was a little intimidating at first, but everyone was very warm and welcoming. Now I feel right at home! Oh, and by becoming a member I get 10% off at my LYS! What incentive!

I will have to ask my LYS if they offer a discount for Guild members. Thanks!! The yarns there are super expensive.:passedout:

How nice you have a knitting guild to go to! Maybe you should think of “being intimidated” as “being inspired” instead. :teehee:

I can’t find anyone around here who knits at all…or at least not on a regular basis. And my “local” yarn store is 100 miles away!

Lucky girls! :wink: